patrice.goyaud 08/11/2004

Alhambra Guitars 7P : patrice.goyaud's user review


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In the range of classical guitars brand Alhambra, this is the first model built entirely of wood massifs: German spruce top very clear sides and back Solid Rosewood looks good enough but still does not seem to a first choice if I compare it to Indian rosewood in my veins to Martin D28 very serrées.le handle is given to the cedar that I found him rather a resemblance to mahogany, ebony fingerboard (very nice) Handle nut and bridge unfortunately plastic and mechanical luxury golden precise enough for a classic. Regular varnish is however too bright for my taste, and I fear this is que'il polyurethane so thick and affecting the sound projection of the instrument, unlike a cellulose varnish.
on the other hand, violin making and assembly are impeccable, even if you look carefully inside the instrument.
So, if we disregard the foil due to the varnish, we are dealing with a very satisfying instrument, and more fully solid, which is rare for a price of 780 euros.


The grip is made easy by the flat shape of the handle, the action is smooth and the guitar is perfectly set. The ebony fingerboard contributes to the delicacy of touch. the guitar is light and well balanced, the body is sized slightly smaller than a conventional classical guitar which is more reminiscent of a guitar study. Access to the notes above the 12th fret is catastrophic in view the shape of the heel of the neck. the frets could have been less aggressive for the fingers.
The instrument is still green, and low at the moment seem a little steep, but the midrange-treble balance is excellent bass, treble is excellent with no loss of power if you go up. The projection noise is average, but the guitar is old, the sustain is good, the harmonics just a little if I compare to my Martin D28. However this is not a guitar concert in 3000 euros and up.


I confess to being pleasantly surprised, especially with the habit of wielding guitars folks "high end" I bought this instrument in order to give a different sound of a part of my repertoire (some songs, bossa, Elizabethan and early music), and ultimately I end up after a month to play up to 2 hours a day on the classical repertoire to my fingers, pushing my martin and taylor only the game with a pick I even play my songs on the Alhambra in open tuning (is this a first on a classic?) with Celtic music, and frankly I think it makes really good. with this amount any cheap guitar for a classic all solid, I nabbed the virus from the nylon strings so much that I started studying classical pieces for guitar and South American, I who played for 30 years as blues, bossa, Celtic, frankly, or will it?


After a month with this instrument, I am charmed by the comfort and the subtle nylon string, however my guitars folks make me mouth, e I think I have found in the Alhambra a good compromise between price and quality of construction materials and sound. However it is quite possible that in two years I feel the need to go upmarket and buy a real model in concert probably at the expense of Martin D28, unless in the meantime, the Alhambra is remarkably improves with age.