Antonio Picado 60 Flamenco
Antonio Picado 60 Flamenco

60 Flamenco, Nylon String Guitar from Antonio Picado.

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jmsimon 06/27/2006

Antonio Picado 60 Flamenco : jmsimon's user review


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Antonio Picado is one of those too few luthiers who still works the old
all the guitars that come out of his studio are jewels.
Its production is a maximum of 500 pices per year, it works with + / - 6 workers.
Established in Spain in the eastern Pirna, prs de Barcelona, ​​in the small town of Berga for over 30 years, manufactures classical guitars and flamenco irrprochable of quality and is recognized the world.


The MODEL 60 "Flamenco" is treated particulirement handle 65cm, a little shorter than the traditional 66 or 67 cm.
Cedar table, handle bne, all well finished, balanced trs.
From another classical guitar, it's like going from mono to stro ...
It is "easy to play" a sound and mange the entire length of the handle,
in short, magnificent.
(Note: Difference is the classic "60" by the "60F" on the label)


It is an instrument of pro dj, ddi particulirement more to flamenco by the choice of the cypress, the sound is more Scheer and brighter than classical guitar.
Balance of sound perfect, perfect rpartition the handle.


I possde a beginners since 2004.
There is nothing I dislike about this guitar!
This choice: APRS 2-year comparisons.
A must report quality price, sold + / - 2000 resellers in Europe ... slightly less in the maker (but not the same as the price of "60" that sells traditional + / - 1500 euros)
Practically, I think either there is a good standard to 500,
either you spend a minimum of 2500 between the two is the dsert ... except Picado!
Over time, yes, there is always better, I have a acqurir Vicente Carrillo ... but that's another budget ...