Cuenca 50-R
Cuenca 50-R

50-R, Nylon String Guitar from Cuenca.

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CieairOuïe 10/21/2008

Cuenca 50-R : CieairOuïe's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I availing oneself of a Cuenca 50R N 01604, manufactured in Spain, bought in 1995 (So among FIRst sries nylon electro Cuenca) and ESPECIALLY equipped with a microphone and prampli LR Baggs Deluxe Acoustic Equalizer ". I was in the store explained that it is a micro "band" (diffrents technical Piezzo?). In any case, since I tried to redeem a Cuanca 50 R but they are now Teams of ProBlend Fishman, who has nothing to do with quality in the LR Baggs Deluxe, alas abandoned and found: With the Fishman sound is less Faithful to its acoustics, amplification sounds of strings 3 / 4 times higher and lower yield (prampli probably less potent. As my Cuenca 50R knocked lot of 95, she is abyss (shock scenes, Fluri table) and I would return to replace the same or its equivalent, especially for amplification.


Channel pleasant, slightly pais. With acute Cutaway easy.
Lgre guitar. Very good balance in terms of sonority bass / treble and power good for a team electro (my opinion and e combaraison with a Takamine equivalent).


Perfect for my music (cover song very small harmonies and solos instrumeez s)
Amp Roland "Acoustic Chorus C60.
Sounds pretty fat but also bright.
Frets sounds too much noise and attack the nails dry.


As I said earlier, I would do this choice but I have not found the same (it
Fishman is for the team "50 R" current micro that I find much less powerful, and I do not like the sound performance). I tried other models.
Very good report quality price MY MODEL (50R with LR BAGGS Deluxe as micro).