Cuenca 90
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Berzin 06/27/2005

Cuenca 90 : Berzin's user review


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Classical guitar with Indian rosewood body, spruce soundboard  , mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard ;with splicing on the body, head and neck. The decoration is very elegant.The tuners are gold plated, but I find that the buttons are a bit small. My copy dates from 1982 and at this time it was delivered without a case, which is unacceptable .


The fingerboard is wide , even for a classical guitar  , but you get used to it quickly, especially since it is perfectly flat and fairly smooth.General comfort is good, especially since the guitar is relatively  light.


The sound is quite balanced but  it lacks a bit of depth for my taste  . This is more than adequate and with good strings, you get great sound and nice sustain. I use it to play classical and bossa nova. Despite the years, its neck hasn't moved much.


I have used this guitar for fifteen years. It is a very good student tool   or  "semi-concert" guitar. The width of the neck promotes polyphony, so frequent in this type of music. I do not know if it comes with a case nowadays, but this  would not be a bad thing.