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Pucelle_Dabidjan 07/27/2006

Framus Rio 5/14 : Pucelle_Dabidjan's user review


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Classical Guitar
6 strings
Mahogany body
Mcaniques ivory-mtal
Wooden table non identifibr /> Rosewood
Black binding on the wicker covers and along the handle
Dcoration painted around the rose
No prampli
Date of manufacture unknown (but probably between 1950 and 1966)
Certificate "Framus Werke Bavaria" (prior to bankruptcy and dlocalisation a share of production)

[3] If this is his age against the current guitars and trs very rare this guitar would not shine against the competition of the era.


The Framus is its construction trs dmarque solid. Otherwise it has six strings and no prampli. The string action is high particulirement bottom of the handle, only for lovers of this kind of action. The tuning is a mission commando when the strings are new. The problem disappear a few days APRS. Then in the acordage Fidler trs. Longva good strings.

[4] A fairly conventional


The guitar is quite dark and sounds a bit "crazy dork." It's a shame we could esprer more of an instrument of this age. Harmonics ring dark and tortured (but somewhere, it's a sound that fits my Personal and only note note may be optionally Whereas as good.

[1] Far derrire the REFERENCE of the era. You it can be made moisture with age before I come back? I do not know anything hlas.


I reu this guitar by a Portuguese rfugi when j'tais little with the words, "always will! Melted the hearts of women." I did not understand the era, what he meant. The guitar had suffered much (he had turned across Europe and cum all scnes with this instrument). Since then, I keep prcieusement. With age and the experience, I realize it does not sound like a great guitar. But I love her and she is the guitar that I've always known who accompanied me through all the drama and magic moments that I wrong. I do not spare.

Otherwise it is a good guitar collection. I would love one day, try a MODEL that may be taken pass a less tortured. May be the sound is it better ...

PS Just an ide if someone from the coast of this guitar ... I was pleased to know (for pure curiosities!