Hernandez Guitars cg-510

cg-510, Nylon String Guitar from Hernandez Guitars.

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nico&flamenco 01/17/2007

Hernandez Guitars cg-510 : nico&flamenco's user review


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Made in Spain if I remember it says on the label.
For the rest it has everything a classical guitar.


The key is painted.
The neck is very thick.
The sides are very narrow (low volume basis).
It is heavy. The table looks pretty thick for his reason and his strength. The tables have almost no curve.


It does not spell "no sound" and is not enjoyable to play.


The price argus is totally unjustified.
I think this guitar will be faster. I bought this guitar auction thinking that it was worth it for the rating that we have here. I sold shortly after for 30 € a friend, it is not worth more to me.
That said to take her to the beach as long to pull the strings hard and have nails resin while typing in the little out of her if you know what I mean.