Yamaha CG111C
Yamaha CG111C

CG111C, Nylon String Guitar from Yamaha in the CG series.

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BadLink 07/03/2005

Yamaha CG111C : BadLink's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Tawan, 18 frets, solid cedar table, back, neck and wicker covers in nato, fingerboard and bridge: rosewood, mechanical chrome finish natural.


The handle is enjoyable although a little too large has got me especially when you are playing on a guitar abitu lctrique, freight Most recent internship as a stick the rosette there has about 13 playable frets, ergonomics is good and the trs guitar is ultra lgre assait and we obtain easily a good sound.


It should Assat well to my style of music I play in prfre serious with this guitar because they sound better and easier.


It's been five years since I use it, I love the lightness and easy to make good sound, I regret to an ACCS Acute rop a little difficult, and I ssay many MODEL MODEL sduit's my bass sound by what a. qualitprix good value, with the experience if I had to take a guitar in this CATEGORY I remake the same choice