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Precision Sound ACE 3000

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Precision Sound ACE 3000
News Precision Sound ACE 3000

Organ Sample from Precision Sound

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The Ace Tone ACE 3000 was one of the last organs before Ace Tone became Roland Corporation.

Precisionsound describe it as “a furniture piece, a grandma’s organ with 2 manuals, a drum machine and a one octave bass pedal section that goes deeper than deep.”

The company says that they have sampled all voices/registers separate in full range with 4 samples per octave in full range.

For the HALion/Kontakt version they made some creative sound programming based on the core waves of the ACE 3000 placed in the folder Nice in the HALion/Kontakt version.

You also get the internal analogue drummachine rhythms (Rx2), all presets and a lot of combination grooves generated by pressing several preset buttons at once. Precisionsound have recorded all of these in low tempo to fit in almost any musical situation. They say that you get the full organic irregularities of the drummachine in many groove combinations to “outrun” any single hit programming of individual samples.

The ACE 3000 SampleSet contains 307 24bit mono WAV samples divided into 42 programs for HALion, Kontakt & 51 Rx2 grooves that you can use in any software supporting the Re-Cycle Rx2 format.

The 16bit SoundFont version contains 21 programs, core programs of the voices/registers only.

All formats are included when you buy the library.

Pricing and Availability:
The ACE 3000 costs $39 (+$11 if you want it on CD-R).

More information and demos:

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