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mtwallet mtwallet

«  Good vintage organ »

Publié le 01/04/11 à 06:29
Already, this is NOT a Compact, so do not expect a seriously sixties.
But we can get back his property anyway.
Mine is a Matador 611-R ("R" for integrated drum machine that works very well but I do not use it)
I recommend using a distortion pedal TS9 type, just to win on offense, and a reverb or delay to give a little sustain the bazaar.


Usage is very simple.
The zippers do not have a large amplitude changes are sound but still significant.
Some very nice options, including adjustable attack and repetition.
I am not using the "manual bass" which works fine.
Adjustable vibrato (little room though).
A headphone jack (you need a knob on your headphone cons, because no volume control on the organ) which cuts the 2 HPs of the organ and an output amplifier that allows the 2 HPs of the organ.
An entry for a volume pedal Dyn.
An entry for a pedal that I have not Slalom.


I use it for the garage is that perfect 60s.


5kg heavier than the model M Matador, but much better in terms of sound.
Easy to tune without opening it.
Easy to repair inside (no tilt sensitive as the organ in the 60s), most often, the fuse or a transistor switch.
Very very strong.