Farfisa VIP-61
Farfisa VIP-61

VIP-61, Organ from Farfisa.

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blaez_minkoff 09/14/2010

Farfisa VIP-61 : blaez_minkoff's user review


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Organ 61 keys are 5 octaves. He climbed up and equipped with 2 HP.

A drum machine with adjustable volume, tempo and choice of type of rhythm:
Samba, rock, bosa, etc..

A section left hand does not work on mine.

The classic sounds of this type of organ sound to your taste:
Bassoon, clarinet, oboe, flute, harmonica, strings, piano, etc..

Some effects:
Vibrato (fast / slow), Sustain, Delay

For connections:
Pedal (volume), slalom (?), Output (for a keyboard amp) and headphone.


Super easy to use.
I have no manual.
The sounds and effects s'éditen do not, it's 100% analog.


It's a big toy.


€ 20 at a garage sale is rather a good plan.

Only concern, there is no volume control on the keyboard. It should probably be done with a pedal but I did not.