Farfisa FK-50 Organ
Farfisa FK-50 Organ

FK-50 Organ, Organ from Farfisa.

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Audiofanzine FR 03/16/2009

Farfisa FK-50 Organ : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by LuK le Brugeois/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
The FK 50 is a small Farfisa organ. It weights about 8 lb. My product is not the one depicted because it has no case. It's a rather small, 3-4-octave keyboard made out of gray plastic. It doesn't look very nice.

Few controls. Sustain control (that actually lengthens the release). No pitch (only a tuning wheel on the front panel), no modulation...

It's a very simple keyboard (in other words a Farfisa organ!!!).

The unit has a basic drum machine (which is often the case with Farfisa products) and a kind of arpeggiator (I can't test it because it's broken on my FK50). I have neither the money nor the time to let someone repair an arpeggiator I won't use!

Few sound presets. If I recall correctly it has organ, violin, brass and horn presets, which all sound very organ-like, plus piano and harpsichord sections...

The presets can't be edited...

I think it's full polyphonic... But I'm not totally sure. It's not relevant anyway because the sound turns very muddy as soon as you play more than four notes at the same time...


The overall design is very simple...


The sounds are perfect for my music style (garage rock)...

They are not authentic but they are great for rock... It's not a cheesy organ, but don't even think you'll be able to play Rhoda Scott or J.S. Bach with it. The small keys don't make playing any easier. Your piano abilities won't bring you much with this instrument.

Nevertheless, considering the instrument's size, the sound isn't bad and it can surely find a place within a rock mix. The sound is not very nice but it has a certain character that sometimes reminds me of old Casiotones...


I've been using it for six months and I already played about 10 gigs with it... I love its lightness (compared with a Matador LR or a 205R you just can't take anywhere...). It has charm (ok, it looks awful with its gray plastic finish but it's my organ and it sounds quite good considering its size). I used to play with a Farfisa Matador LR and a VIP 205R... They surely sounded better... But they were very heavy and difficult to transport... The FK50 needs less place and it weights less. And that's a great advantage (my back is very grateful).

I can't say anything about the value for money because it was a gift. But don't spend too much money on this keyboard...

Would I buy it again?

Of course.