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Hammond C3
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moosers moosers
Publié le 07/08/09 à 22:59
The Hammond C3 is a dual keyboard analog organ that is quite similar to the classic B3 organ.  It is a fully polyphonic organ and also has bass pedals and draw bars as you would expect with an organ.


The make up of the Hammond C3 organ is pretty standard for an organ as Hammond has dictated what the industry standard has become, so if you have any experience with organs you shouldn't have any trouble understanding what everything does.  In addition to the standard draw bars, the organ also has effects like reverb and vibrato and has controller for use with a Leslie cabinet if you have the luxury.  Since this is an old instrument I've never seen the manual so I can't say how well put together it is.


Besides the legendary Hammond B3 organ, the C3 is just about as good as any organ out there.  While it doesn't sound quite as good as the B3, it still has a great sound and I would imagine that most wouldn't even be able to tell the difference between the two.  The organ is quite easy to play and feel good on the fingers, making the sounds really come to life while you are playing it.  The effects are really good too, but this guy makes its money with its traditional organ sounds, presets and draw bars as these features are absolutely stellar.


I first used the Hammond C3 organ a few years ago and while I used the B3 first, I find that the C3 is a great substitute if you can't get your hands on the elusive B3.  The price is a lot cheaper even though it still isn't cheap and it really does have a comparable sound quality.  If you are looking for a great sounding organ and can't pony up for the B3, the Hammond C3 is a great option.