Hammond Colonnade
Hammond Colonnade

Colonnade, Organ from Hammond.

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teutrejean 01/21/2010

Hammond Colonnade : teutrejean's user review


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Organ furniture 2 combs 61 notes - 25 notes pdalier - 9 drawbars parclavier - 2 harmonic bars for pdalier - 5 sound events programs Percussion - Auto Accompaniment - integrates Leslie - R verb-Philharmonic strings - solo instruments etc.. Amplification 2 x 35 watts + 1 x 10 watts.


Yes. The manual gives the positions of zippers to find sounds but the choice is unlimited quasimment.


Of course the purists will say that this is not the sound of the tone wheel organ. I also availing oneself of an L 122S tonewheels with sound but the tone wheel Hammond Colonnade worth a detour. It is also more versatile to play alone.
The amplification is already included powerful when coupled to a leslie 3300, dmnage!


I use it since January 2010. I also have a Tyros 2. Each organ has its spcificit their benefit, dsavantage. The colonnade has a great sound HAMMOND.En more beautiful it is. For the price quality ratio, say nothing. We must think of the cons for possible failures and find a seller who does not live in the Light Year from home. The seller must also be capable of when will repair problem. But it's like a collector of old cars!! I myself have found my happiness in the country must be tulipes.mais very very very patient in case of breakdown; count 2 months of waiting if you nt no professional! ! but the result is the specialist in Europen Sjaak is the Hammond organ. His studio is a real Aladdin's cave.

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