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eyoControl v1.1

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eyoControl 1.1 for the iPad, free update to the MIDI controllers ensemble, adds support for the iPad's native MIDI wireless connectivity (CoreMIDI), enabling users to connect to their DAW without requiring eyoControl Server.


The latter is still being supported and provides advanced connectivity options for Mac users, the company says.


The CoreMIDI update also brings Windows XP/Vista/7 compatibility through rtpMIDI (see details on, which makes eyoControl compatible with most Windows based DAW.


This update adds a fourth entry to the controller library, mXY, a highly configurable multi X/Y controller. mXY has the following features:

  • 4 independent X/Y controllers.
  • Merge and Split modes: controllers can placed either in a common area (merged) or in individual slots (split).
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 controllers on screen simultaneously.
  • controller axis individually assignable to Pitch Bend or any of 56 MIDI continuous controllers.
  • enable/disable X and Y axis for each controller with a single tap.
  • swap the settings of X and Y axis with a single tap.
  • mirror mode: values can be mirrored in each direction around center position.
  • reversed mode: min. and max. values can be reversed.
  • return to center mode: releasing a controller makes it go back to center position.
  • sticky mode: for easy positioning at center position.
  • outer grip (Split mode only): enables to move a controller by dragging finger outside of the controller's button.
  • fine mode: choose between high or low resolution values for controllers whose values are larger than 8 bits.
  • choose between 2 button sizes per controller.
  • support for portrait and landscape orientations.
  • controller settings are preserved for later reuse.

eyoControl is a set of MIDI controllers enabling control of your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software from your iPad in various ways, such as a control surface or a virtual instrument.


eyoControl includes the following controllers:

  • Surface: a control surface supporting the Mackie Control protocol. Surface presents a traditional Mixer view with per-track buttons/knobs/faders, and a Panel View with quick access to the status of 64 tracks. Supports major DAW such as Logic, Cubase
  • Pad: a 4/6/8/12-pads MIDI controller with tap-location sensitive (controls MIDI note velocity) pads suitable to play drum parts. Each pad has a configurable color/MIDI channel/note. A global velocity slider adds up to the velocity control of each pad.
  • Keys: a dual keyboard MIDI controller with separate MIDI channels assignable per keyboard. Choose among three key widths per keyboard, and customize key colors. A global velocity slider controls note velocity.
  • mXY: a multi X/Y controller featuring four independent, highly configurable X/Y controllers. Choose among 56 MIDI continuous controllers or pitch bend to assign. Each axis can be swapped, muted, reversed, mirrored etc...

eyoControl communicates with your DAW through the iPad's WIFI connection using either the native iPad wireless MIDI capabilities (CoreMIDI) or eyoControl Server (Mac only) for advanced connectivity options.

NOTE: eyoControl is a set of MIDI controllers, it does not produce sound by itself.



  • iPad running iOS 4.2 or above.
  • a local WIFI connection.
  • a laptop/desktop computer running MacOS X 10.4 or above, Windows XP/Vista/7 (rtpMIDI required) or any system compatible with the iPad wireless MIDI protocol.
  • a Digital Audio Workstation software / audio sequencer with MIDI support.

Optional: if you opt for eyoControl Server instead of native MIDI, a Mac computer running Mac OS X 10.5 or above is required.


Pricing & Availability:


For more information, visit

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