Fender Stratacoustic [2000-2005]
Fender Stratacoustic [2000-2005]

Stratacoustic [2000-2005], Other acoustic-electric guitar from Fender in the Stratacoustic series.

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lolorossa 01/24/2005

Fender Stratacoustic [2000-2005] : lolorossa's user review


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I just received my statacoustic in sunburst and it is nice plutt trs. J bought this guitar for curiosities, and I ignored the comments found on the net! It's true, but made in China with a Fishman 4, the handle is trs trs enjoyable but slightly more than a strat pais'. The thickness of wood is not consistent trs Premire for plutt but finished well for 300. The equalizer of Fishman is great and allows for a more than adequate passing directly on a table for example. Without the branch as opposed to opinion read on the net I find a ring! Trs is different compared to the branch once but it's a pleasant sound trs.


The neck seems to me that the biggest lightweight in the stratum and to know that the tyrant of the original string is 12/52 which is not bad for slamming the cot. Perfect mix between acoustic and electric.
CHAC is trs fine but be aware that the feel we are closer to the acoustics as good strat electric. The body is a good dj in depth and it's very light weight, well equilibrated so very pleasant to play standing. I test an amp accoustiq CARLSBRO (adjustable flat) and is your exact bleuffant! This is really excellent, I tried a marshall lamp and it was okay and then it's funny to see that even when a sound not too bad with a slight crunch, I tried also a peavey bass amp and Moyer is to have a beautiful sound trs. The best thing to not dpenser bcp money is to go live on the table (with a minimum of quality in their stuff) s we approach the amp for acoustic and honestly compare with a godin not at all in the same budget is not hsiter!


Its level: the fishman is excellent and allows an adjustable end trs is bleuffant!!


For the price there is no picture and no hsiter, the only question I ask myself is: this time is a skyscraper that will age well? I have also a Mexican Start for 4 years and it does not move so it plutt good sign.