Fender Stratacoustic [2000-2005]
Fender Stratacoustic [2000-2005]

Stratacoustic [2000-2005], Other acoustic-electric guitar from Fender in the Stratacoustic series.

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Le Jej 01/15/2004

Fender Stratacoustic [2000-2005] : Le Jej's user review


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See the last section


Super but see the last section


Good but TRENDY


I just want to go back on the advice of Ps2.
Yeah, it's a nice guitar, I quite agree with him but once good settings made especially connected!! otherwise it sounds rather like a pot o)
I have bought one a month ago for a week, not bad, after the handle more like a rainbow than anything else.
So I straightened up the, no problem but I also found the strings really high.
I read the board Ps2: file the bridge. Yeah pretty blah as manipulation perieux '. I better, at least I think, and with less risk.
you must remove the handle (behind the four screws) and slide it between the support and fund a few thin strips of wood (I think the card stock must also agree) to the desired height. and, voila, ca becomes a guitar from hell, uh fender.
Then just put the strings lights (not too large if the handle does not like, it bends easily) and we find the great ergonomics of the stratocaster (for those who love).
In addition, I move quite often, I lugs around in a bag style backpack, it is super lightweight and compact. and compared to a scratching electric means what we play

Grat good '