Harley Benton D-750

D-750, Other acoustic-electric guitar from Harley Benton.

denmakesmusic 07/05/2006

Harley Benton D-750 : denmakesmusic's user review


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Audience: Beginners
Ovation is a copy made in China, I know anything about guitar so do not take into account the notes I made.


Thomann book this guitar with ropes so stiff hyper rev hard play.
In addition, the action is too high: 5mm instead of 2, so it must be almost the rgler or do rgler.
In my case I just send rgler and change the strings for more flexible. J'espre that it will get better APRS a. Update: I'm from rcuprer with new strings and SETTING THE height, it's much easier! The string backgrounds are just too hard.
The soundboard is bomb and the bridge is not flat as a result of the tension of the strings, it's weird.
I'm not on it is just on the test trs octaves, nanmoins when it plays normally, it sounds right.


The sound seems to me correct, it is hard enough when using a mdiator.


It is not CHRE but it is not of great quality so if c'tait again I will take another guitar to left 2 times more in a subsequent trade mark rput e, especially since it takes more for dpenser rgler (people who know rgler guitars will not buy this guitar).
In any case it is deprecated for beginners.
The advantage is being able to plug it into an amp or console.