Ovation Collector 1984
Ovation Collector 1984

Collector 1984, Other acoustic-electric guitar from Ovation.

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Adamaz 11/16/2008

Ovation Collector 1984 : Adamaz's user review


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This ovation is a half box Adamas, THE FIRST of the series with a Collector vintages, manufactured by Kaman United States in very limited series (around 2500 for the world for this series)
It availing oneself of a beautiful table painted green cedar and rose is here replaced by the openings located in the wood marquetry on both sides of the heel of the neck.
The solid mahogany neck Plutt triangular therefore very end availing oneself of 22 usable frets (1984 Marquett on the 12th) and 6 partial completing the round in which s'insre its tip on the table. The solid ebony fingerboard is that our era becomes scarce.
2 microphones discreetly inserted in the easel, both sides can achieve a very natural tonality.
The bomb back in fiber and very thin but nevertheless have the guitar is powerful.
Finally a double knob fishplate situ on the left (facing the musician sitting) allows low rgler <-> treble and volume.
The prampli is accessible through the bottom of the guitar and is powered by a 9v battery.


The neck is solid mahogany rgal Hand (polished satin Plutt becomes smooth over time) and allows up to medium rather tired without problem - personally I use the light or Adamas D'addario that sound beautifully on this model.
The cutaway allows easy access to acute CASC, the guitar is lgre, balance, a rgal!
As for the sound ... I speak further.


Ovation is the sound par excellence, round, very low caractristiques, but without excess "presents medium rather clear highs and desire never be garish.
I play on diverse electro-acoustic amp or PA systems, but the agreement is perfect with my EAR 60W or all is said! A cloud of rverb a supper chorus (TC Electronic) and no need for artifice hovering queqlue matter the style, picking, folk, jazz is BEAUTIFUL!
I use the volume of 7 8 (10 max) and the equalizer on acute Plutt (3 / 4 of its position)


To conclude I use this gem from his marketing year, 1984, 24 years dja say it improves with age, the era I had bought 10 000 FF (1500) and I have never regretted that choice. The neck has never worked it into the agreement without flinching and unplugged or branch you will be a hit in concert with (Francis Cabrel was also this same model late 80s) ds is very simple that I testing sound stops as everyone to see what guitar it comes.
A must if you can find one on the market at a reasonable price ... go for it!