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hamsterfield 08/03/2007

Seagull SA 6 : hamsterfield's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Canadian Manufacturing
The neck is mahogany
Piezo pickup and preamp LR Baggs
Settings: volume (gain) medium low acute
the table is solid cedar

This model has never been distributed in France.Elee is almost impossible to find in time


The handle is comfortable for this type of guitar. Ergonomics have been improved by a choice of better quality wood and lacquer better bill ...

The interface is similar to that of an electric guitar.

The settings are very simple and terrifying efficiency.

modification of the initial notice 03/08/07: Since that is spent with my guitar luthier I do not recognize her! I made a mistake in the amount of acoustic guitar strings for deep draft: You must use electric guitar strings or acoustic guitar strings for a very shallow draft.
As for the handle with the proper pulling and used (I only had electric guitars before) we realize that it is very nice and well made. So I change my bill which is only fair.


The sound is beautiful! Proceedings of the piezo is great ... The highs are crystal clear at will without falling into the aggressiveness ... A little too low in the rendering that you have to use a low-cut solution or equivalent.

I blame him for not returning against the dynamics especially when using ropes and half. Of the guitar is much better to react to an arpeggiated chord playing ...

Clarification, if you try it, do not rely on the vacuum (lol) ... I know that's obvious but ...

The équalo the preamp is well made with the settings effective. some find them may be too subtle, but ... The finesse it feels good and ear development.

03/08/2007 Fixed: with the right string guitar does not have the difficulties mentioned above! The problem was my original choice. I re-discovered as the sounds that play with! The piezo is actually calibrated to give the sound the strings.


At ergonomics, hard to beat, it comes from the concept ...

The downside for me is the quality of materials used by the manufacturer.
I noticed that the table had buckled in several places. The varnish on the side of the key started from.
The battery compartment is a priori poorly studied because it happens during the game to move it there and then, disaster: big crunch and breath for 5 seconds ... But good at the same time we do not play with this guitar by the head banging. I also think that a good luthier can correct this ...

All these negatives are not to be taken stricto senso if you plan to invest to get this guitar. Indeed due to its ergonomics and its sound is well worth it to suffer these annoyances. To prove my rating ...

03/08/2007 Correction: I confirm to the stack it was simply not so square at the shelter.
As for the quality of wood used above also I return. I had the opportunity to test equivalent models and higher in godin and there, disappointment: the sound is not to go over to mine!
For the violin, the details that I noticed, as I explained my maker, are only points of detail. For him the difference I have noted with guitars are supposed to be more upscale is simple to explain:
The Seagull was produced in very few copies of which a neater finish. Moreover, the species used by Seagull, beyond their appearance, are aging, which is beneficial to the sound. The Godin of the great series .. Hence the difference!
Another advantage is that this guitar has not been imported into France is very rare and therefore is also a collector's item! That happiness actually, so ...