Stanford 46-G1-SM-ECW
Stanford 46-G1-SM-ECW

46-G1-SM-ECW, Other acoustic-electric guitar from Stanford.

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noudila 12/01/2013

Stanford 46-G1-SM-ECW : noudila's user review


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Large Format concert pan-cut.
Table sitka (variety of spruce)
Funds and sides Sapele (African tree)
Mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard
Excellent internal microphone. A small volume knob almost not visible in the rosette.
Satin guitar, no pickgard.
Country of Manufacture unknown (Romania? Bulgaria Vietnam? China?)
20 frets.


Channel: This is the typical stick with Furch (Stanford is second brand Furch), so Czech, so as among Canadian! is a handle lumberjack. You can climb the fort firing without fear (should still adjust the trussrod, do not exaggerate). For small hands, try before.
Access to acute is perfect.
The sound is as good as on my Furch equipped with a RS-Bags. Note: I joueautant amp on the console. CEOS! I drool.


Sounds: nothing to throw. Then everyone can use it with or without effects, acoustic or plugged.
In acoustics, the projection is worthy of a cedar (bave! drool! Drool!)


I've had 6 months. I tried other Stanford before, they are all excellent with their particularity, but now it was love at first sight, love crazy, immediate benêtisation of mézigue.
She is my most played my 22 guitars (note: I play all but one that I keep because this is my first and I'm sentimental).
This is the projection that attracted me, the sound!
Then the comfort of the handle, but in the beginning all those who have Furch or Canadian will tell you, it's funny the handle, then love (cal with a Les Paul will not be disoriented).
The quality / price ratio is the best possible (with Faith guitars), but this will not last maybe.
With experience, I would do this choice.