Dallas DRW-25
Dallas DRW-25

DRW-25, Other Acoustic Guitar from Dallas.

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fcake 08/24/2004

Dallas DRW-25 : fcake's user review


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Guitar quite basic 20 frets.
Exellent quality price ratio!


Channel pleasant enough, the string backgrounds are quite correct.
Guitar rather light, but be careful, I have several test and quality is variable for the same model, for example mine at its very beautiful, but then (when it is the same model) have a sound crappy, so test before you buy! and look out the freight, some of it are badly dressed!
I put 8 because I was judging by my own will but some 4 because they do not have the test or no regard to the smallest details!


8 the same, because the mine has a very beautiful sound, powerful.
harmonic sounds great, always on my own ... but I must admit that I had screwed interesting the mechanics of the head because it hurt when being screwed causing a sizzling sound.


I then in a year
I love his strong because I must admit that I trinbale everywhere, the sound is very good ...
I tried a few guitars of the same price, but mine was the best and cheapest: d
Report / quality very good price for mine.
Now I am told that it is not because it's Ibanez (not even when gibson do not push it;), or another brand of guitar that sounds the best I can to repproche mine has to do ..