Gretsch G9510 Jim Dandy Flat Top
Gretsch G9510 Jim Dandy Flat Top

G9510 Jim Dandy Flat Top, Other Acoustic Guitar from Gretsch in the Roots Collection series.

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yalego 06/07/2013

Gretsch G9510 Jim Dandy Flat Top : yalego's user review

" A true replica guitar-crate"

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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Indonesia, handle 12 non-cash boxes, it's not a parlor but a 3/4, so it is very small, that is why I bought it elsewhere, among others. The neck is not super thin but it is a replica of a pickaxe handle so ... The body is fully painted, false bindings are poorly made, as on the real ... The color is more green than blue, finally mine.


I do not know if they did it on purpose, but this guitar really remember the Silvertone, Harmony and ... Rex (but I've never touched a Rex) cheap guitars that were made in more poorer with wood more or less plywood and paints hard. Well the answer is correct, it is plywood, heavy for its size, looks like a toy is not super easy to play because the neck is not super ergonomic, short is an excellent replica of a bottom end guitar. The sound is up to our expectations: pretty medium, with one side a little boomy in the low mids (which faded after several hours of play), a little hair hair, much less extensive than on other models same price (eg fender 3/4 or parlor), but again is a replica cheap guitar, and it sounds like ... a cheap guitar. Strangely I find it very uncomfortable and after the start, having said that it really would have been better to take a normal guitar instead of this kind of badly painted crate after a small adjustment of the action we begins to play and the guitar has a good momentum in the absence of a remarkable sound, suddenly it does so as strum picking, with tabs or not. Of course it does not sound great, but it pierces well thanks to its small sound a little acid, and especially it reacts quite well to her accents that transmits ...


If you want big sound well dug dreadnought or jumbo kind, obviously this is not the right guitar, if you want to play music a little roots, blues, folk, country grammophone so here it is nice, I do things with this guitar that I can not do with a big dread that sounds like a cathedral. This guitar has a sound like his look a little crazy, a little cheap but mine is just it is sufficient to arrange with his sound a little acid and everything works. I seem to say anything bad but I actually think I like it a lot ... I recorded with the decision immediately rang the guitar does not take too much of the spectrum of voice, it is easy to place, you can correct the equalizer, no severe drafts, it goes very well and it does not even knock tuned.
I still advise against this guitar for beginners because it is too "special" and it sounds really special way less "good" less "round" than all others of his ilk (well almost because that there is no other makes that meets these specifications "cheap copy vintage")


I use it for a week, I did an acoustic concert with and a recording session "to see." I tried the fender 3/4, less expensive, pretty good for the ridiculous price with a real guitar sound, the Fender parlor also very well also (obviously on pearl guitars 150 euros eh ...) the last two are more comfortable to play, have a richer sound fuller, but are much less funny and an aesthetic point of view and also sound. I repeat, this Gretsch seems to be a good copy of a guitar that was certainly not famous, I personally like to play on instruments a little wonky, sounding a bit out, I'm not disappointed. I also bought this guitar because the vintage guitars even rotten became horribly expensive, and I'm tired of my guitar collection with twisted handles, etc. with broken mechanical ...