Vantage VS 30
Vantage VS 30

VS 30, Other Acoustic Guitar from Vantage.

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fritesgrec 05/07/2004

Vantage VS 30 : fritesgrec's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Guitar trs cheap quality manufacturing honnte for the price (in 1200 f 94). good geule trs simple, not too dsagrable view. It is varnished. This is my Premire scratches. I know anything about violin so I'll m'arrter l.


I always play on AIM, it is easier to play than piphones first prize, or even a violin art and mid-range. It seems to me is rather small but there may be an impression.


It should what I do, it sounds not too too bad, as long as the mic placement is good and adding some effects. but hey it's entry is not for that price RVer l.
I prfr his sound than the epiphone I've tried (1300 f, know the models). Art and I tried violin sounds incomparably better


In 10 years it has not moved yet I not take too much care. it always sounds properly. I do not do it again this choice I've seen a little more gold coins that 14 years I think I prendria at least a small fender or ibanez but hey, with pocket money, we can not ask for the moon .
In any case I'm pretty attach the instrument.

You can hear it in most of my compositions.