Danmar Double Metal Kick
Danmar Double Metal Kick

Double Metal Kick, Other Drum/Percussion Accessory from Danmar.

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reverba 12/31/2006

Danmar Double Metal Kick : reverba's user review


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I do a review because the owner is the drummer in my group.

It is an iron plate with a thickness of about 2mm with one side of a thin adhesive foam, designed to be glued to the skin of a bass drum, to hit the exact spot where bats.
This is the model for double pedal.

The question is: But what's the point?
The answer is simple: You want to wake up your bass drum? Being quite like slamming your bass drum was triggée? Do not have a repeat galleys because they not hear the bass drum?
The solution is here!
Of course, the sound is very distinctive, for the metal is sharp and clear.
For info, my drummer uses a double pedal DW 5002 AD3 and uses bat against the hard plastic side kick metal. Imagine the sound: Pantera, Fear Factory, is very very slamming, precise and with very good definition uen.
Only, it looks like a hammer tap on the tile, but then in play all the instruments is happiness! I myself am a guitarist and then finally I hear the bass drum to properly calibrate it myself.
With sound on the sound system genre 5kW is terrifying! contrary to the prejudice say, Gagen is a lot on offense, and the wood of the bass drum sounds of all its fiber, adding the low round and warm in addition to the "click".
The bass drum sound is very dug in the mediums and the volume it finds otherwise well noted!

In my drummer, the sensitivity at this level is not the same, you hit something hard.

We tried a system trigger on the kick, but then I have to say that compatibility is not the best because the metalkick may cause a slight rebound of the bat at impact (because it is in metal) and even this small rebound triggers the trigger, causing duplicates. So average average, but hey, the sensor was bad too.

To summarize:
- You are the metal and you are tired of not hearing your kick in again?
- Do you dream of having a powerful bass drum once with sound?
- You are a fan of his trigg but you do not want to bother with a complex system to deal with?

So you find the perfect accessory for about 12 €.
Super hard to find in France, look on the websites of U.S. vpc