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Overtone Labs Tune-Bot : Anonymous 's user review

«  it is useless »

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I acquired this product out of curiosity, it is not expensive and there are a lot of hype on the internet about this so-called revolution.

I had already tried the Tama Tension Watch and I was very disappointed. This product, which are clever is strictly unusable on sanded skin, any gran sand by moving the needle completely.

Let us return to tunebot.

The idea is to clip the device on the circle and hit all around the barrel near the rods to see if a frequency display.

The idea is attractive, but:

- It requires the silence around you (just imagine when installed for a balance ...)

- Frequencies displayed are sometimes almost anything and saw the flowering of internet techniques to avoid these unwanted frequencies, such place a finger here, try yourself ...

In summary, the only advantage that I see to this object and it has taught me that my floor tom resonates at 70Hz, big deal!

Finally, if you have not sanded skin, prefer the Tama Tension Watch. You can use it in a noisy environment and it does not need batteries. The only slight drawback is that you need to write down your settings on a paper.

Finally, to conclude, even under optimal conditions, the tunebot told me that two rods are granted while my ear hears something else.

I'm still adjusting to my ear, and tunebot hear no difference.

In short: my ear is more sensitive than this thing. Finally it is reassuring.

I do not recommend to buy, train your ear, you will reap far greater benefits.

And what class to give a 5-minute ear when landing in concert!