Fender Runaway Feedback Pedal
Fender Runaway Feedback Pedal

Runaway Feedback Pedal, Other guitar saturation effect from Fender.

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TheJeff666 03/29/2013

Fender Runaway Feedback Pedal : TheJeff666's user review

« cool gadget but mono feedback only... snif ... »

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Value For Money : Excellent
So, here&nbsp;we have a&nbsp;feedback simulator&nbsp;nested inside&nbsp;an expression pedal. Input,&nbsp;output, dedicated 12V power supply,&nbsp;a few&nbsp;knobs & switches&nbsp;(see below). <br>It is a purely digital simulation of feedback,&nbsp;a collaboration&nbsp;between Fender and Softube (a&nbsp;top-notch audio software/plug-ins creator). <br>The pedal is well built, the&nbsp;rocker-action is firm and pleasant, you feel the craftsmanship and durability.


Two controls and two switches: <br>- A :feedback level" knob<br>- A "tolerance" knob to control the sensitivity of the effect <br>- A switch selecting&nbsp;the generated harmonics (fundamental, 5th and sub octave) <br>- A wet only switch, which mutes the direct signal,&nbsp;acting as a glitch and "feedbaquesque" noise generator&nbsp; ... very interesting to experiment with... <br>Fast and simple configuration and sound editing&nbsp;once&nbsp;you understand the pedal's&nbsp;idiosyncracy .


I take the fender pawn shop 72, GTO mojo for a little fat, and all this runaway in TN SS11 Live sound card and monitor ... And IT WORKS!! I make no feedback headphone wake up the building! long ago that I was expecting this ...
Simulation feedback is very credible, does not denature the Treaty, and once mastered the expression pedal, we believe it really is stunning. I already knew of Softube plug "acoustic feedback" is what motivated my choice.
on the other hand must relativize the "versatility" of this Feedbacker we are dealing with a well controlled simulation of feedback that will not work, alas, only on monophonic phrases ... Me that during my sonic (after the blue period ...) spent hours in front of my amp tab to press a big deal saturated, a bump on my guitar (or my bass ...) while twisting my neck to generate a sound wall at the edge of the indomitable, I would even make up brands blundering on the scene to identify good investments ... Ben can forget this kind of use .... snif ... we will have a "nice" feedback, but feedback of good quality ...


I am very satisfied, despite the very soft side generated feedback, the effect is really credible mastered one time, and allows you to add this particular touch without shaking the walls of the building. it is already not bad.
I regret the fact that we can use this effect only on monophonic phrases, and therefore out of the noisy and sonic experimentations ... snif ... Against by his side "wise" can use much more versatile than expected, this is a very elegant and different tool to live and vibrate solos, phrasing and melodies. I love it.
value for money is good purchased in usa. For the moment this pedal does not seem imported into Europe.
It also allows many experimentations sound (do not hesitate to connect synthesizers or BAR ...). I enjoyed myself to the analog delay with a couple that I can control the live feedback, feedback + self oscillation .... hmmmm ...
Fun, or complementary, with EBow also.
If you are lovers of big wild larsens caliente, go your way and your studio insonorisez otherwise, this pedal is for you ...