pierre etoile 07/16/2007

Prescription Electronics EXPERIENCE : pierre etoile's user review


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It's a fuzz + octave + a swell a three-mode effects will keep coming to the four knobs are in front of the camera (Vol / Tone / Sustain / Swell). Two LEDs indicate if there is fuzz + octave + fuzz or swell. There is room for a boss type power supply in the back next to the 2 input jack. The location 9 Volt battery inside is super boring and you must remove the 4 screws in the box to access it.


It's an analog pedal settings evec rezlativement simple.


The sound is very distinctive fuzz component to the old one can find that kind of sound in the leads moceau "Little Sister" of QOTSA. It's a real fuzz with character here is a site where there is a file viewing www.fuzzbox.com
The octave gives body to the sound and the next time a psyche / weird.
The way it simulates a swell blast or reverse echo, it's not a reverse delay effect but it gives ground to the notes that makes the sound of the fuzz unique.


It's been a 10 years that I have is a pedal that has a true warmth. It makes you forget many other "vintage-style" is a unique piece. Over time I think it's a great pedal to the many other rival (Jacques Stompboxes-DAM, Fulltone, Zvex, MJM ...) but no one else has really grain.