Way Huge Electronics Purple Platypus Octidrive
Way Huge Electronics Purple Platypus Octidrive

Purple Platypus Octidrive, Other guitar saturation effect from Way Huge Electronics.

moosers 08/04/2010

Way Huge Electronics Purple Platypus Octidrive : moosers's user review


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The Way Huge Electronics Purple Platypus Octidrive is a unique overdrive and octave pedal that is designed for use with electric guitar. The pedal is made up of analog components, and has 1/4" connections for input and output and requires a nine volt power supply. It isn't rack mountable in any way as it's a stomp box to be turned on and off with your foot.


Using the Way Huge Electronics Purple Platypus Octidrive is really a simple task, as it's only got two parameters to work with. These parameters include those for drive and output volume. If you have the drive parameter up, you'll start to get the octave effect going on, but there isn't much individual control over your frequencies or anything like that. It should be a simple enough pedal that users won't need a manual or any sort of assistance.


While the Way Huge Electronics Purple Platypus Octidrive has a full overall sound, this really just isn't my type of pedal. It isn't that it sounds bad, it's more just that I'm not into the effect here as I don't think I would ever have a need for this sort of pedal. It does have a realistic tone quality that is to be expected from Way Huge Electronics, and I could see this being useful for getting some heavy noise or really thick overdrive, but I can't see myself using it much in the future.


In my opinion, there are many other effects other than the Purple Platypus Octidrive in the Way Huge Electronics collection that I would take over this pedal any day. If you think you might be interested in having an effect like this, I'd encourage you to check this pedal out for yourself, as I'm sure other users will be able to find more use for this than I could. The price of the pedal isn't very cheap, but it's still an okay price if you like the effect here. If you do want something like the Octidrive, the Purple Platypus is probably going to be your best bet, but I'm just not loving the effect here.