Zoom 5000
Zoom 5000

5000, Other guitar saturation effect from Zoom.

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fanami 07/11/2005

Zoom 5000 : fanami's user review


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In prambule, I tell you that I would not be objective: I have TWO!
So this is a distortion pedals in a big ass format while metal. The case is virtually indestructible, but it is not tench. That's why I bought a 2nd rcemment (THE FIRST, purchase OCCAZ, silent any rust in the spring of batteries, but it still works perfectly except between the power supply of ...).
Otherwise, at the rglages:
-1 Volume
-1 Gain
Low -1
-1 High
-1 ZNR (noise rducteur)
-1 Slecteur color 6 position
-1 Between jack
-1 Output jack
-1 Jack connector for footswitch
It's an analog distortion complte by a digital signal processor (for the simulation of six types of amp)


Gnral extremely simple configuration, however it would be good if we stop to say anything on the footswitch: not a 2nd level of distortion, it is a memory !!!!!
you switch, you rglez your sound, you reswitchez you rerglez and you switch between the other ...
Some sounds are unusable with the default rglages (at middle) so take some time for discovering. Otherwise, plutt boat, just turn the buttons round ...
The manual, if you find it, is clear, it gives qques ex rglage and leaves you room to even notice the VTRE.


The effects are trrrribles, the pedals are great polivalente.
Here's what the manual says about the SETTING THE color (the parentheses are mine):

STACK 1: reproduces the sound of a loud powerful amplifier. (Like big marshall)
STACK 2: same but for a STACK less powerful amplifier.
COMBO 112: medium-power tube amp. (Amp Rican genre)
R & B for a bluesy sound. the gain, you will trad blues to hard blues. (Note: standard gain in the low & mid freq.)
METAL: distorsion spctaculaire & Sound net. (Warning: turn down the treble if you do not want to ruin eardrums)
ZOOM BOX: copy of the ZOOM 9002. (Actually a copy of the vox like Brian May)

I use a Marshall JTM 60 or a mesa nomad 55 godin artisan tc with one or a les paul standard. if not on lease amps live off the pedals and allows me to keep my sound as I play on a classic 30 or a jazz chorus 120. live on the sound system or even on the table in the studio, was also passes without prob.
the zoom box is "my preferences moquot; truly original with a big compression, otherwise the stack1 and 112 pass combo really well too. R & B on my mesa on a distortion channel makes you also a big slap ...


I have the first 4 years, the second for 2 weeks and I tjs hearts as well.
The ZNR is super efficient VBAC bcp gain, if not the single coils Avoid snoring if you just want a crunch: the attack and sustain imprcisse becomes hazardous.
in relation qualitpolyvalence I know of no equivalent, in terms of price, I pay the first 100 francs which is nothing, and the second I cluck 50 on eBay brand new with bte & leaflet, but it is rare to find pltot such OCCAZ in this state that price l. ..