Doepfer Pocket Dial
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antiplastik 07/18/2003

Doepfer Pocket Dial : antiplastik's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Good jme got started two months ago for the Doepfer pocket dial after some hesitation Drehbank with the model, but still with Doepfer ki was a bit pricey (I think 400euros) and is a lil survey of controllers affordable ... and well! it's worth it! for 250euros, 16 knobs quality, and "endless wheels", so it will turn to the left or right by sending a signal on (-1 or +1) port afternoon, so that you can controller 16 knobs corresponding to 16 effects in a sequencer for example, a switch on the 4 presets accessible directly (buttons top left) and 16 other effects controller, return to the previous, etc.. So in fact we controlled 4x16 = 64 virtual knobs (with only 16 physical knobs so) ... equivalent to the Doepfer Drehbank (64 knobs), and takes up less space, but does involve some intellectual memory to remember what the buttons are well well ... This is precisely the pb ki ... but being super-organized and writing little you should be fine ... However, great price / quality ratio and ideal for use FruityLoops genre, etc ... DUB good perspective!