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xplane93 10/15/2005

M-Audio iControl : xplane93's user review


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Only "for the newbies"
Buy Apple explosive 2005 for a youth beginners.
To my knowledge there is no similar product.
The ratio quality price is right, 139 euros mainly promo, "plug and play" endless rotary encoders, multi functions, trs sweet, retro-cool lighting of the buttons, in Midi keyboard, and USB (for power supply USB), prsentation beautiful, and it does not "IRONMONGER".
Who did not start with nothing or very little, or in the head (musical knowledge) or in the portfolio. IControl Garageband and therefore, not too expensive, but especially easy to use, make a couple that I think is a good approach to Fast Fashion's musical treatment of MAC. One arm and walk away, no paramtrages, and a desire, a little small to go beyond ........
It is paired on Garageband, and too limited to drive something else, but that's what makes his strength Intrets for beginners.
In short, I highly recommend it to beginners who want to start without being afraid, and also those who do not want to take the cabbage with configurations of hell, and ® religion play a bit of time in a corner and then, yes, yes, there are more than we think.
After a few weeks of use, it is not, it is simply fun. So no regrets.