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Novation Nocturn
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tagj3r 03/03/2012

Novation Nocturn : tagj3r's user review

«  Interesting especially (only?) For the automap »

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I use it for 2-3 years, mainly to manage settings for VST instruments, secondarily to manage the mix in Cubase.

The mixer in itself is good for its price / quality ratio, but precisely: at that price, it's plastic, it's cheap, the cross fader is a bit hard (should not buy it to scratch eh?) .
At the same time, it works, it seems to hold well over time.

What makes its real utility (but I do not think anyone was fooled) is the automap. This is purely awesome, it takes really good hand on the machine configuration.
/ Little off topic: I do not personally like the new version 4 of the automap, which seems less convenient and intuitive in its interface than version 3. /
We forget the blow it completely plastic so cheap it makes daily service!

Little originality: the central knob, which is supposed to serve all, quite useless.

In short, for the price there's no real competitor, and the software makes the essential mixer quickly (we quickly forget the mouse, and that, that was priceless!).