PACE Anti-Piracy Inc. iLok

iLok, Other Misc. Product from PACE Anti-Piracy Inc..

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the bubble 10/22/2010

PACE Anti-Piracy Inc. iLok : the bubble's user review


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I will receive the iLok next week ...... I bought silver orchestra play, but I doubt it was the key to use it because the free play of orchestra did not require a software ilok installed on the PC. So I told myself that this would be the same for the silver ...... I am wary of when there were written "iLok required.
I had to work arrangements for emergency travel is missed .... I'm angry eastwest cons and I say clearly, they do not change their policy, I prefer to have their software without paying for them .. ..... 50 euros for protection is the flight manifest (some have found the key to 30 not me). they stop their paranoia among eastwest and we hear about this shit ..... company! increasingly the key did not prevent piracy and everybody knows it. without this extra cost, I'm sure fewer people would be reluctant to buy software rather than steal them but hey ...... it was my little rant

So I do not know what sounds like the silver ...... and if ever the key to cram and I find myself without a license, I say plainly I crack the protection.