Koma Elektronik TP-301 - Tap Tempo Clock
Koma Elektronik TP-301 - Tap Tempo Clock

TP-301 - Tap Tempo Clock, Other module for modular synthesizer from Koma Elektronik.

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Koma Elektronik TP-301 Tap Tempo Clock

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Koma announces a Tap Tempo Module, called the TP-301.


Knobs & Controls

  • TAP: Tap button. Tap to create a clocksignal. Illuminated ring around the knob shows the clock beating. Your tapped clock will be quantified to the closest integer bpm time when in LOCK mode.
  • TEMPO: Adjust the tapped tempo for +/-10bpm in 1.0 increases when in LOCK mode, adjust the tapped tempo in +/-10bpm in 0.1 increases when in FREE mode.
  • BPM: Shows the tempo in beats per minute. A small dot lights up when in FREE mode, reminding you the reading is not accurate.
  • LENGTH: There is an additional output for a second clock signal. Set the length of the additional/shuffled clock out, start of gate signal synced to clock – beat accurate. There are three ranges on the knob, by turning the knob from fully CCW to fully CW you are going through the following settings:
    • - 16th with 10% PW going to 16th with 90% PW; then switching to:
    • - 8th with 10% PW goint to 8th with 90% PW; then switching to:
    • - 8th trioles with 10% PW going to 8th trioles with 90% PW.
    • The 8th with 50% PW are in the middle of the range.
  • SHUFFLE: Move the shuffled output before or after the tapped clock output; rasterized in the middle of the potentiometer for making it easier to be exactly on time.
  • In any mode if you press the TAP button for 5s the TEMPO knob can be used to set a free running tempo range from 40bpm to 240bpm.


  • TEMPO: CV input for Tempo adjustment, create changing tempi.
  • SHUFFLE: CV input for changing the amount/direction of shuffle/groove.
  • RESET: Back to bar 1.
  • LENGTH: CV input for the length/setting of the shuffled clock out.
  • CLK OUT: Main Clock out.
  • ADD OUT: The additional output.
  • 12 HP width
  • 2 mm white powder coated front plate with black silkscreen printing


For full details, head to www.koma-elektronik.com/tp-301-tap-tempo-eurorack-module.

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