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Intermorphic Mixtikl 4 & Noatikl Update

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Intermorphic Mixtikl v4
News Intermorphic Mixtikl v4

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Intermorphic has released updates for Mixtikl ( and Noatikl (

Mixtikl 4.0 is the 17th free update since Mixtikl 2. It brings parameter editing of core Noatikl parameters, allowing you to customise included generative content. Messing with patterns and pattern randomisation can be used for generating new riff ideas and arps. The Noatikl parameter editor is aimed at Noatikl users who are familiar with Noatikl for PC/Mac, which is also recommended for constructing pieces from scratch. It is a free update for licenced owners of Mixtikl 2.x/3.x.


Also see the page listing differences between Mixtikl (Full) and Mixtikl Free.



  • New: Integrated drill-down Noatikl parameter editor for generative content customisation: All of the core Noatikl parameters are available for real-time editing.
  • All changes saved when you save the mix, which can be tweeted.
  • Pattern editing with text editing of sub-patterns and randomisation options.
  • Import Noatikl files (created with Noatikl desktop, available separately) from the clipboard.
  • Save Noatikl files to User Content folder.
  • New Noatikl Seed pak, containing simple Noatikl voice type definitions.
  • New: Universal 64-bit AU/VSTi for Mac (used to be only 32-bit).
  • Fixed: Windows-specific crash in generative bars editing.
  • Fixed: Windows-specific screen update problem.
  • Fixed: Problem saving files under Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed: Several stability problems with AU/VSTi (Mac/Win): Tested with Reaper, Logic, Live, GarageBand.
  • Improved: Now much easier export of mixtikls for tweeting.
  • Improved: Simplified behaviour of the More menu.
  • Improved: On first load-up for most variants, auto-load and auto-start a demo mix.
  • Improved: Look of list items and FX network editor.
  • Improved: Added Clear Cell item to the Clear menu, also clears the “locked” status.
  • Improved: Operation of Mixtikl Free for iOS.
  • Improved: Reports the OS, variant and number of bits in the Help -> About screen.
  • Bug fixes and general improvements.


Changes in Noatikl v1.8.2.4:

  • New: Added File Export/Import menu items: export/import Noatikl files via the clipboard (very useful for Mixtikl users.).
  • New: Universal 64-bit AU/VSTi for Mac (used to be only 32-bit).
  • Fixed: Stability problems with AU/VSTi (Mac/Win); tested with Reaper, Logic, Live, GarageBand.
  • Improvements: reports the OS, variant and number of bits in the Help -> About screen.
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