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Akki Plug Updates Virtual Bouzouki

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Akki Plug Virtual Bouzouki
News Akki Plug Virtual Bouzouki

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Akki Plugs recently updated Virtual Bouzouki, its Kontakt Player-based virtual instrument, with the addition of Rebetiko Instruments, a free update/addon to all existing and new users.

Features of Rebetiko Instruments:
  • Advanced script programming.
  • 3 keyswitches.
  • 3 velocity layers of plectrum playing downwards and 3 velocity layers of plectrum playing upwards).
  • All three strings sampled on each instrument. Each string got recorded notes throughout the full length of the string.
  • Control the hand position on the fret with the modulation wheel. The position is presented on the layout.
  • Polyphonic playing allows you to play multiple notes at the same time.
  • Monophonic playing allows you to play hammer on and pull off up to a range of a major third.
  • Automated down and up plectrum stroke that depends of how fast you play.
  • Inverted plectrum playing UP/DOWN.
  • Hand position near bridge/hole.
  • Plectrum hardness/softness.
  • Reverb, Delay, Compressor.
  • Controllable with MIDI controllers.
  • Microtuning script.
  • Control the volume of the release samples.
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