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Plectra Series 1: 8-string Acoustic Bouzouki

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News Impact Soundworks Plectra Series 1: 8-string Acoustic Bouzouki

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Impact Soundworks released “Plectra Series 1: 8-string Acoustic Bouzouki,” a sampled Greek instrument.

It is the first in a new series of picked and plucked stringed instruments from around the world. This sample library, designed by Dimitris Plagiannis, is the tenth collection in the Impact Soundworks catalog of Kontakt instruments.


“Plectra Series 1” features a sampled 8-string acoustic bouzouki, an instrument that has been a mainstay of Greek music for thousands of years.

The collection is said to feature the crucial articulations and techniques such as tremolo, hammer-ons and pull-offs, slides, chord strums, multiple dynamics and strokes, edited, programmed and scripted for the Kontakt sampler format. 

Pricing & Availability:

“Plectra Series 1: 8-string Acoustic Bouzouki” is available for download via the Impact Soundworks website (impactsoundworks.com) for $59.

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