reFX Claw [Freeware]
reFX Claw [Freeware]

Claw [Freeware], Other Virtual Synth from reFX.

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AlanForPresident 07/31/2012

reFX Claw [Freeware] : AlanForPresident's user review

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ReFX Claw is a one oscillator with PWM. All of the effects and features of the Claw VST are pretty simple and easy to understand. This VST is completely free and you have nothing to lose, if you download it you probably wont uninstall it because it will come in use at some point or another. Most of the sounds that come with Claw are pretty basic, they wont shock and awe you by any means but they will do for now. If later one your want to get some more presets, you can download a ton of them online or even purchase some by some people that have really took the time to develop so price worthy sounds for this freeware VST plug-in.


Claw by reFX has worked perfect for me, I have ran it multiple times in several different software’s, I have probably used it on a total of 4 different machines and it has not crashed ever or caused any problems. They are still yet to update Claw version 1.0 yet though, I am not sure if they have came out with a newer version of it or not. I will keep my eye out. I have been using Claw for about 2 years now and will continue to use it.


In my opinion when it comes to freeware VST plug ins, you really don’t have anything to lose, especially if you are downloading from a site that is reputable and not some virus prone site. When you download reFX vst, you will immediately start to use it, there is no learning curve and all of the sounds and functions are easy to use and access. I am actually surprised that it is free. I am glad that I chose to download this, I have used many other reFX products and VST and each of them is worth using.