Spectrasonics Atmosphere
Spectrasonics Atmosphere

Atmosphere, Other Virtual Synth from Spectrasonics.

Ralphflorian 12/25/2002

Spectrasonics Atmosphere : Ralphflorian's user review


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Installation takes just 70 minutes ... prs 3 gigabytes of sounds install on your hard drive ... registration serial number (to get on the Spectrasonics site) a bit heavy ...


I use a 1 gig athlon, 512 M RAM, Sound card Terratec dmx6fire.
No problem jouabilit of stability or even more is that my motherboard chipset VIA various problems usually subject ... s no bug
To my surprise, Atmosphres normment does not require CPU resources. In each component, I use three or four, without the maddens tmoin load: in short, it's not what virtual guitarist!
A well prciser sr vsti that is not multitimbral.
The only inconvnient, if there is one, is the loading time of each preset: Some patches are not 70 or 80 prs mgas, so about ten seconds to put it in memory .. . difficult to find a sound for so sweeping CATEGORY ..


The sounds are properly fall to the ground ... one word comes to the main Defines CHARACTERISTICS this plug: THICKNESS.
Thickness of sound, one chord and the sound fills the space, heavy, dense, shiny, this is the first plug the minimax, or I feel like playing with an expander .. The presets are Varis and trs originals, not copies of vulgar but a real work of Fast Fashion from Persinger and his team. Note that it's not just the pads or sheets, but also synthetic bass (noooormes!), Sound effects, synths lead to some very "harsh" and a CATEGORY europads terrible. The modulation capabilities are correct: LFO, cutoff, rponse curves, filters, enough to radically change the sound of a preset: the hack is possible, it is not a player presets if you See what I mean.
At the same time I bought the 5 volume "synth" of Plugsound. Quickly delivered to the closet, so the sound is shrill and pathetic ct.
For me, the essential plug all my components. 2000 and some bullets, and a is an expander aisment 10,000 bales. I never thought to write one day.