UGO Audio String Theory 1.5 [Freeware]
UGO Audio String Theory 1.5 [Freeware]

String Theory 1.5 [Freeware], Other Virtual Synth from UGO Audio.

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H.Noury 08/27/2006

UGO Audio String Theory 1.5 [Freeware] : H.Noury's user review


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Like any VST freeware, you d-Zip, and dragged the dll file in the folder in Cubase VST. Pdf manual is clear and complete (in English).


Pentium IV 2.8GHz, Hoontech Card, Cubase SX 2. The instrument is stable trs, no bug. If a: you can not open two sessions of this instrument without crashing! Otherwise, everything works flawlessly, version 1.5 fixes the problem of saturation of one version, the sound is full and pretty. It is a soft Designed with Synth Edit.


I play this instrument for two years. It returns through the physical modlisation (base delay approval of the string sound clips trs enjoyable to play and hear. The instrument is trs expressive play the VLOC trs sensible and enjoyable. bouble The filter (LPF and HPF in parallle) appears ingnieux trs, and indispensable. The instrument has a strong personality trs although he and trs endearing.
I possde instruments of this type, I have a self-Designed Likewise, the String Theory is one of the best. I sometimes think that if this instrument silent released in "hardware" 10 years ago, he would have sold thousands. Today is a free software instrument!