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Wusik Station updated to v8

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Wusik Wusik Station 8
News Wusik Wusik Station 8

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Wusik is working on both Wusik 8000 and the 8th version of its Wusik Station modular synth. An Alpha version has been released for the latter.

Before listing the new features, we invite you to purchase the Alpha of Wusik Station 8 version as soon as possible, the first 50 licenses are available for the special price of $59.95. Upgrades are also available for $39.95 if you use Wusik Station 7 or $49.95 for older versions. Plus, Wusik 8000 will be included for free.

What’s new in Wusik Station 8:

  • Available on Mac OS X and Windows (and probably on Linux later this year)
  • Graphic enveloped borrowed from the Wusik 4000/8000 code
  • New filter types borrowed from the Wusik 4000/8000 code
  • “Unlimited” number of chained effects per layer insert and per master sends (2 in total)
  • “Unlimited” number of Mod Envelopes and LFOs
  • Better Wave sequencing style, also borrowed from the Wusik 4000/8000 code
  • Audio Looper layer, which samples any incoming audio signal and let you play like an instrument, also borrowed from the Wusik 4000/8000 code
  • Multi Layer with the option to select the type of layer:
    • Sample Player
    • •Wave Sequencer
    • Drawable OSC
    • Super OSC
    • 3 OSC (with Noise generator)
    • Audio Looper
    • Grove Sequencer
  • Per Layer ARP and also a Master ARP
  • 16-Step Polyphonic Sequencer per layer, to be used as a Modulation Source on the Mod Matrix
  • Per Layer Key Switching and Sticky Keys options
  • Per Layer Modulation Matrix
  • New Interface and Skin

Wusik adds that there are more new features to come, he is actually working on a groove sequencer module, a custom effect module (from the custom filter script), more filters from Wusik Station 7, backward-compatibility with presets and soundsets from the previous versions, code optimizations and the Mac version.

You’ll find all the details about Wusik Station 8 at www.wusik.com.


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