Yonac Software miniSynth PRO
Yonac Software miniSynth PRO

miniSynth PRO, Other Virtual Synth from Yonac Software.

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Yonac Software miniSynth PRO

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Yonac Software announced the release of the miniSynth PRO for the iPad.

miniSynth PRO
is a virtual analog synthesizer. It incorporates an improved version of the time proven zero latency "push-pull" Yonac keyboard algorithm that powers their existing synthesizers, and features a customized version of their original analog-clone "Vincent" tone shaping filter. More importantly, it marks the debut of the brand new YASSE (pronounced "Yah-See") modular sound sequencing and synthesis engine, developed in Yonac labs over the last three years.

Selected Specs:
  • Dual Subtractive / FM virtual-analogue monophonic synthesis
  • Configurable FM, filter or modulation based tone shaping
  • 44100, 16-bit CD-quality stereo audio output
  • Zero latency sound processing
  • Built on the brand-new modular YASSE synthesis / sequencing platform
  • Dual syncable oscillators
  • Six optimized, custom waveforms per oscillator
  • Dedicated oscillator octave, fine tune and mix
  • Osc 2-to-1 adjustable frequency modulation
  • Custom VCF ("Vincent") w/ adjustable quadruple (Initial, Peak, Sustain, Final) stages and dedicated envelope
  • VCA (Amplifier) ADSR envelope
  • Noise generator w/ adjustable mix
  • LFO with 8-octave range and 6 waveforms
  • * Dedicated LFO fine tune
  • Five individually adjustable LFO destinations (Osc1, Osc2, FM, VCF, Amp)
  • LFO key syncing and phase reset
  • Control matrix w/ pitch shift (vertical) and filter modulation (horizontal)
  • Adjustable continuous glide
  • Faithful monophonic, "latest-priority" keyboard control algorithm
  • Adjustable dual keyboards w/ individually settable key width & position
  • Option to have dual keyboards cover the whole screen, half the screen, or just to have a single keyboard.
  • Option to wire upper keyboard to control the Arpeggiator and the lower for live performance
  • Custom-design arpeggiator module w/ four different note orderings; hold, track or trigger modes; 5-octave stepping w/ up to 5 repeats-per-octave
  • BPM-based arp timer w/ settable arp note value
  • Custom analog-tone stereo reverb w/ individually adjustable channels
  • Recording module w/ file saving and playback
  • 82 carefully engineered sound presets, including retro, bass and arpeggio programs and more
  • Users can save any number of their own presets

Sound Clips: www.yonac.com/software/miniSynthPRO/clips/unisphere.mp3, www.yonac.com/software/miniSynthPRO/clips/hybrid.mp3

For more information, visit their web site at www.yonac.com.
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