Behringer Overdrive Distorsion OD100
Behringer Overdrive Distorsion OD100

Overdrive Distorsion OD100, Overdrive pedal from Behringer.

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MGR/Unibrow#1 02/08/2008

Behringer Overdrive Distorsion OD100 : MGR/Unibrow#1's user review

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I am a classic rock and roller. I play in a couple of jam bands that love good rock, not too heavy but definitely not too slow. i've been playing for 12 years.

I bought it for 32.00 dollars on ebay and it was the only item that i won when i woke up the next day.

it gives a typical/standard distortion. It doesn't scream too much so you can play multiple styles by changing the tone and mode levels. I have other distortion pedals but i keep this one for use on songs with a bit of chorus and delay. for the price and sound it is definitely worth it.

it did not fit the bill for a truly heavy sounding pedal. It drives but there is a lot of sonic room that is left to distort. on it's strongest setting it still I've found that only another pedal will do.

Cheap!!!! Made of plastic entirely. this is a pedal that you want to keep up on a table or mounted somewhere that it won't be stepped on or kicked. I know that one wrong move and i'm going to be dealing with a broken pedal.

This is a good, solid pedal. The Tone, and Mode controls allow you to shape your sound into many variations. If you're looking for a inexpensive, yet good sounding pedal, this is the choice for you

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