Behringer Overdrive Distortion OD300
Behringer Overdrive Distortion OD300

Overdrive Distortion OD300, Overdrive pedal from Behringer.

Johnny R 09/12/2014

Behringer Overdrive Distortion OD300 : Johnny R's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
Overdrive and / or distortion ..... or a mix of both.
Clone of the Boss OS-2. I never tried the original .....


Very basic configuration: gain, tone, volume, and mode, which allows you to err on the side OD or distortion, and mix the two.

There are sound in minutes.


it sounds ..... it sounds even "excellent" value for money .....

The overdrive is quite successful, only the distortion is quite "caricature" (too) classic, highly compressed, no personality ..... best is a mixture of both, being more on the side OD (set to 10h about)

Important thing: TONE is really usable, which is rare ..... often past noon, treble you pierce the eardrums, not there ..... unless the knob is turned fully, and again.


I've tried dozens of distortion and overdrive ...... at all prices (except very expensive)

What at first think of this little pedal plastoc, of antiquated appearance, little known, and more than one brand capable of the best and the worst?

We have to start, and try it (along with considering the price, you risk not much)
And then, Me, I stayed on my ass!
The sound is very fat, with lots of body, lots of sustain ..... I did not expect such a sense of power.
The big power chords ring of hell, the only notes stand out very well, that blame him? not bad breath, but I've seen much worse.

For cons, the effect still sounds a bit "dirty" (I did say some) ..... for a little crunch, it will not top ..... but for garage rock, punk, Grunge, good old hard rock, it's perfect!

In fact this pedal is perfect anywhere, but "good" everywhere ..... versatility .... I put him 10 of 10 for playing against Nirvana!

Frankly, for 20 euros ..... this is like that, sometimes cheap tools do the job and do it very well! this is one of those "happy accidents" that happen from time to time, from trying a lot of stuff, not to rely on price or brand ....

Q / P: 10/10

I would do without hesitation that choice, and I would try out the BOSS to see .....

Overall Rating: 8/10