Boss OS-2 OverDrive/Distortion
Boss OS-2 OverDrive/Distortion

OS-2 OverDrive/Distortion, Overdrive pedal from Boss.

seso 06/25/2005

Boss OS-2 OverDrive/Distortion : seso's user review


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See the opinions prcdant. ptit ngatifs two points:
"I shall be well liked legalization consquente a little more than a button" tone "
PDAL = adapter-boss boss. not possible with normal adapter. So either we galre with batteries or adapter 25 is dpense and more .....


We understand how quickly it works. no problem this level l. against by even when I put a little time to find that its really satisfy me.
-Level: gnral volume. The race is perfectly rgulire throughout the race. A good reserve volume. Enough to get some feedback from prs anytime towards the end of the race.
-Tone: legalization. quite effective between 12 and max. from above the bass is lacking, sorely lacking in punch. the sound loses much of its character.
-Color: the main interest of the pedals: Allows you to switch between overdrive distortion sound. concraitement then it's been what? say (roughly) the distortion of a medium rev creuss and very precise: What modern. the overdrive is imprcis, dirty, hot and with good medium. the knob can go through the nuances intermdiaire between these two effects. The argument is the worst use of bebte.


Many shades available: the blues of the sixties to the heavy metal (not the metallica trash!) But hey it is no illusion it is oriented rock plutt '70 m If I can be easely with something else. What is the tone that is feeble to the serious. the drive is very well: you can do pretty cute little crunch as sounds close to the electric perseuse: the race is regularly. knob the color is without the main strength of the pedals: it helps to have a more or less dirty, more or less modern, more or less aggressive. we can have good trs between distortion and overdrive: dirty but not too much same: you can then type in AC / DC without problem. pity we can not do it even when having a REAL plus fuzz overdrive and distortion! by against wrong when even admit that the sounds are not gnialissimes: there is a very versatile but the quality of sound is not gnrale extraordinary set overdrive position will never have a TS 808! against by the sounds intermdiaire can really be original and interresting.


I've had two days and since my purchase I hack without stopping! trs I am content: for the price it cost me I expected not so much quality to conclude: sounds goods without going up to excellence: it is a species of Swiss Army Knife: Can be used anywhere but the little prs eficacit Reduces! an unbeatable price quality ratio (boss forces) which unfortunately happens a certain coldness of sound. two pedals in one in Ralite and the only one I know who do overdrive and distortion in this price range. I remake my choice without hsiter!
Added 25 December 2004: dja I add that the battery that tai when I bought is still the shock! that consumes no pedals it is a joy!