Boss PW-2 Power Driver
Boss PW-2 Power Driver

PW-2 Power Driver, Overdrive pedal from Boss.

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sorgen  :shoot: 04/29/2004

Boss PW-2 Power Driver : sorgen :shoot:'s user review


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It's an overdrive pedal boss from home (analog)
with an input and an output jack metal (that costau)
the form of all the Boss y'as nothing to repeat the above


There is a level four pots, one that serves a Fat boost the bass, a muscle that boosts the mids, and a gain for the rate of saturaturation


You will all tell me it's the boss, and synthetic cold!

AND NON BAH! frankly it sounds great with this pedal I found the sound I was looking for APRS have tried several pedals diffrent (DS7, XT-2, MT-2 ...) and I 'm crazy!
it's a fairly "old" ideal for heavy rhythm or Trash (like the first Slayer!)

but it is also versatile, with a slight gain was a crunch of the most beautiful ...


I have for some time ...
as I say it's the pedal I needed (and now I know that Boss makes good pedals)
I try to pedal more and more I realize that I needed it!
it must be worth 115 new (them it was worth because of APRS I know it is no longer manufactured)

I would do without hesitate ... this choice because I found my sound with this pedal ...