Frantone Hep Cat
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delayedbis 07/03/2014

Frantone Hep Cat : delayedbis's user review

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overdrive, ranging from very low to gain a well supported od,

Boutique quality "made with love and pride" by NY Fran herself, slices off components for unmatched sound purity and pragmatism,

in, out, a gain, a volume, a single circuit, it remains in question, once the paper.


two knobs, a third "tone" would task guitarists to find the solution ...

one remains in the high-end, she willingly lets play toes, bakelite knobs are a progression and a gently falling in mothballs ...


already having the creampuff, I came across this very special combo.

SOUND? the whole class, on my transistor amp or my little lamps, everything is fluid, very little color, a very soft grain leaves caress and tease, malleable desire with other effects. I put perfect, I assume.


2 days of pure bliss, the signal of my guitars is 100% fulfilled, the vast majority of currently od outgoing paled ... despite their marketing.

I V2, rare, bought in new condition, still thank you to him (((((

She is beautiful from the outside and the inside, just like that, I risk not to lose, that's for sure :)

Fran, we love you in your secret lab ...

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