Ibanez TK999
Ibanez TK999

TK999, Overdrive pedal from Ibanez in the Tube King series.

Nayko 04/10/2004

Ibanez TK999 : Nayko's user review


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Pedals for overdrive / distortion lamp (12AX7)
Gain and Volume
EQ: Bass, Middle and Trebble
Switchable noise gate integr
External power supply adapter (included)
A stable pedals well thanks its weight and grips.


A lamp and an EQ, everything is easier to use. We can get close to the TS9 (a mild overdrive) until well get a good distortion acid.

No need for manual, just use his ears.

For cons I do not use the noise gate incorporated but it is very effective too.


As I said dja PDAL is a super efficient in sound. A wide range of sounds and especially the heat of the lamp.
I use it just between me and my JTM30 Aria TA60.


This pedals is that of happiness. Me following trs port on the sound "vintage" rock and blues 70 I served. This is a real rgal pedals for that kind of sounds and even for the most current typs.