Ibanez TK999
Ibanez TK999

TK999, Overdrive pedal from Ibanez in the Tube King series.

Judas 01/02/2004

Ibanez TK999 : Judas's user review


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Overdrive pedals lamp (1 x 12AX7), a lamp amricaine original (much gain, but aggressive in agus). Replaces a Sovtek home (warmer).
Incorporated noise gate (effectively, but I like not the noise gate)
5 potentiomtres accessible directly faade: gain, bass, mid, agus, master.
switch off, only works on AC power (requires lamp).
Trs good stability on the ground.


Use super simple (well better for overdrive pedals). The legalization is prcise, the gain has a wide range of sounds.


The sound is fabulous with it I get a saturation trs rock (I use it in normment Lead). Lots of sustain, a grain inimitable. Of tightening in the grain with my Boss pedals SD1 is really great. A great pedals.

A low point against: the noise gate Intgr (the pedals produces only trs little background noise so I do not activate it) tends dtriorer lg rately the signal (low sustain). That's a dish that I was only 8.


I use it for 1 year (I had sold to redeem). It's really a PDAL has a personality. CHRE is a little, but it was worth every penny (it is 100 euros used on average).

Trs really good hardware.