Ibanez TS9 - Baked Mod - Modded by Keeley
Ibanez TS9 - Baked Mod - Modded by Keeley

TS9 - Baked Mod - Modded by Keeley, Overdrive pedal from Ibanez.

Hatsubai 11/26/2011

Ibanez TS9 - Baked Mod - Modded by Keeley : Hatsubai's user review

« One of the best tubescreamers »

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The tubescreamer is easily the most iconic pedal out there, right next to the wah pedal. It's been used on pretty much every single recording you've ever heard in some way, and it's lent itself to giving some of the most amazing tones you've ever heard in your life. The tubescreamer, consequently, has gone through multiple changes throughout its lifespan, and not everybody likes these changes. This mod isn't an attempt at replicating the exact, old school sound that the tubescreamer had but to have a bit of a mix of new and old. The pedal looks exactly the same except for the true bypass that was drilled in the enclosure.


This pedal's toughness is thanks to Ibanez. They made this enclosure, as well as the components inside of it. They're the ones who really deserve the praise for this portion, and I'm here to give it to them. This pedal is built like a tank, and it'll survive pretty much anything you can throw at it. I've seen these things beat to hell, and they still function without a hitch. The pedal has a true bypass switch drilled into it, and that's a huge plus, in my opinion. While the actual buffer on this pedal isn't too bad, true bypass is always a good thing. There's no need for anything besides true bypass in pedals today. Just keep in mind that you'll want some sort of buffer if you run a huge string of true bypass pedals.


The pedal is like a mix between new school and old school. On the one hand, you have that classic tubescreamer overdrive sound that works awesome for boosting amps. It is the iconic sound when you start boosting Marshalls or Fenders with this thing. However, the old tubescreamer can get a bit bright and mid heavy. Keeley helps thicken this pedal up with a few of his mods by replacing certain caps and giving this some more body. That helps give this some extra fatness, so you don't have to worry about being too bright or piercing when playing in front of the audience.


If you're looking for a great mix of old school and new school, this is the pedal you need to get. He has other tubescreamer mods that are a bit more versatile, but they're probably not needed for most people. This one pedal does most anything that anybody would want, and it delivers an awesome, tone-sucking free sound.